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I've Got a Secret...

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Ok, I do have to keep lots of secrets. Confidentiality is key to building a safe, trusting environment for people to share their stories and to work through all the random, funny, frustrating, shameful, painful or even sexy experiences.

Want to learn about secrets I can share?

On my retreat I'll share some of my secrets… what has helped me and all my clients transform their lives, find self-awareness, balanced wellness, and a meaningful life.

When you come to a retreat with me, you agree along with all the participants to protect each other's privacy, to maintain confidentiality, and create a safe place to share & have fun.

What happens on the retreat stays on the retreat!

Well, not exactly because you will come away with skills, experiences, memories and a group you can continue to meet with long after you return home!

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