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This Retreat is For You.

Many of you have asked if you're not a therapist or coach, is the Power & Spirit of Your Inner Wisdom retreat for you? The answer is YES!

We hear you.

We want to be able to help even more women build confidence, feel more effective in their work, find balance in their lives, and learn techniques to enhance inner resilience to overcome obstacles & challenges with ease... So we're opening up this retreat to women working in all industries!

In fact, my first women's retreat had women from all kinds of businesses…psychiatrists in group and solo practices, owners of yoga studios, concierge dating services, brand market strategists, healthcare administrators... Basically women in business to help others!

So hesitate no more. You are invited!

Whether you're a woman in business or growing a business, this is for you. It's such an exciting opportunity for personal & professional growth, restorative relaxation, and connection with like-minded women.

Just making the decision to get out of your normal routine and giving yourself this time to reflect is transformational. With the past two years we've experienced, you deserve this. By deciding to join us, you're giving yourself the opportunity to have a transformational experience that will keep you balanced & healthy long after the retreat.

New to retreats? There is no better time than now to attend your first retreat. The benefits are truly transformational.

• Build a blueprint for a holistic insight oriented pathway to personal and professional development & self-care.

• Learn new concepts and skills to incorporate in your quest for growth by integrating knowledge and inner wisdom for a new experience of you.

• Feel more confident, authentic, & effective in life and work as you find meaning and create deeper connections with yourself & others.

• Harness newfound insights to guide you through dreams & challenges.

• Have meaningful time to relax and, of course, have FUN!

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